Beauty – what is it and what can be described making use of phrase beauty?

It is a great problem which will make mistake to several people. Every individual understands the phrase and its definition in a different way. Nevertheless, it is not incorrect because beauty can be noticed almost everywhere. That text will show different things which can be explained as a beauty for lots of various people.


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At the starting, it is essential to look nearer to the stereotypes which were supplied by big quantity of individuals. They are pictures which are constantly thought about to be wonder. The most significant work of arts are of course Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, The Last Supper also decorated by Leonardo da Vinci and the Creation of Adam painted by Michelangelo. Although those masterpieces were created numerous years ago, they still are instances of beauty. What is more, they are saw by plenty visitors yearly whose breaths are taken away when they see the pictures.

The second canon of beauty is traditional music. The majority of mature individuals claim that contemporary music cannot be called beautiful because it is just pieces of music which are repeated all the moment and which consist of lyrics which do not match at all and which do not transmit any point. For those men and ladies, music which can be explained as gorgeous is music made up by the greatest composers including Frederic Chopin, Ludwig van Beethoven and Stanislaw Moniuszko and another composers. Their masterpieces can be known as masterpieces which were prominent for many years and nowadays only some individuals who enjoy the beauty of the songs listen to them.

The last thing which is also planned to be stunning is a costly car or truck. It is the canon of charm of the contemporary men and females who enjoy to express their social status by getting valuable cars. When they own one, they drive to the most common places in the area.

That kind of beauty is totally assorted from the first and the 2nd but in that way it is worth to underline that beauty has lots of faces. Everything counts on the individuals. It is clear, that young individuals prefer different beauty than they parents.